Responsible Gambling

It is a topic that many gambling news and information website sadly refuse to cover, however please do take the time to read through the following Responsible Gambling Policy that we have in place here on the website, for it is a topic we feel very strongly about and one you need to be aware of.

Now, when you do gamble, whether that be online, on a mobile device or even in person by visiting a land based gambling venue, you need to be aware of the inherent risks of doing so, for you are not always going to win when gambling, in fact there is an exceptionally good chance that you could lose.

Therefore, long before you set about gambling in any shape or form you are strongly advised to set yourself some gambling limits and ultimately the onus is on you to stick to those limits.

Be aware that if you do choose to sign up to either an online or mobile gambling site or make use of any gambling related app they may offer you, most fully licensed and fully regulated gaming site and gaming app operators are going to make available to you a range of responsible gaming tools including gambling limit option settings.

One of those options is going to allow you to set a deposit limit in place on your account, by choosing to make use of that option setting which you can have in place for any period of time by the way, as soon as you reach the limit you have set you will then not be able to deposit any more money into your account until that period of time chosen by you has expired.

Therefore, these is a lot to be said about using that option setting along with any additional ones offered to you. Also, keep in mind many sites and gambling apps will allow you to take a break if you feel you need to step back and take some time out.

Ultimately though, if you do feel that your gambling activities have got out of hand and you want to stop gambling, you will be given the option of self-excluding yourself from any gambling site or apps.

When you request a self-exclusion your accounts at the sites you request one from will then block your access to any accounts you have with them and will not allow you to open any additional account.

Some other websites that I do feel are worth visiting include Gamblers Anonymous and GamCare both offer help and support to anyone that is affected in any way with any type of gambling related addiction.

Other organisations such as GamStop for example offer a download piece of software that you can download onto a computer which will stop you and block you from visiting any gambling websites.