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If you have never come across the term Cookies before they are simply a small text file that is placed onto your computer or mobile device each time you visit different websites, and this website will place one n your device whenever you visit it.

Be aware too that if you visit this website more than once then each time you do visit our server will update the cookie that was previously placed onto your device.

Cookies cannot be used to identify you personally; however, we use them to allow us to see which parts of the website are getting the most visits from website visitors and will allow us to concentrate our efforts of providing the content our website users are seeking.

Therefore, the whole purpose of us using cookies is to allow use to check and monitor how well our website is doing and if allow you to post messages, reviews, or feedback on any of our articles, reviews and guides cookies do come in very handy to allow our servers to recognise you as someone who has signed up to leave such comments and/or feedback and make signing into your account much easier.

You will at all times have the option to decline cookies from our server, and that is your right, however, just be aware that if you refuse to accept cookies from our server then some parts of this website may not operate in the way they have bene designed.

You do also have the ability and the option to remove any cookie our server has placed onto your device you are free to do so but be aware that any subsequent visit you make to this website will see our server placing a new cookie onto your device unless you have specifically set your device not to accept them.

To remove a cookie placed onto your device by our server or for that matter from the servers of any other website, well it will all be dependent on the type of device you have used and just which web browser you have chosen to use to visit the website.

You will be best advised to follow the instructions given by clicking onto that web browser and then clicking on the option settings and then scrolling down to the cookies section of privacy section, as currently there is no standard way to remove cookies.

If at any time in the future we update this Cookies Policy we will timestamp those changes below, so please do ensure that you check this section of the website regularly to see if this Cookies Policy has changed on any subsequent visit to this website, you go on to make.

Cookies Policy Last Updated on the 2nd of July 2021.